Claire Lamond, Andrew Lennie and Alan Grieve are the artists behind the Real Bothy Project. Travelling through Fife this summer, they have been inviting people of all ages to ‘grab a bothy brew and join in the bothy banter’, continuing a long association of artists with the wild shelters of Scotland. They say, ‘traditionally, the bothy is understood as an egalitarian environment, a space for exchange. a place of chance meetings, conversations and unspoken codes.’  Andrew, Claire and Alan are in residence in the bothy, ready to collect, document and re-tell your stories through their unique art forms.

The Real Bothy is a portable structure, built as a collaboration between the artists and Old School Fabrications in Edinburgh, which will act as a temporary space for creative activity. Activities include story sharing around the bothy ‘fire’, film making and animation workshops. This weekend the Bothy is in Oakley Community Centre near Dunfermline and next weekend, the last for the project, it is in the Rothes Halls, Glenrothes.