'Less mass, more data' is the slogan of Unto This Last, a Brick Lane furniture maker set to change the way we buy items for our homes. The company's aim is to provide the quality and originality of the craftsman's workshop at mass production prices.  The 'D' chair above is just £90 and the 'LP' shelves below start at £60. 

Pieces are made on site using a special ply composite which then has its edges polished. Innovative digital tools optimise the use of each sheet with smaller items being made out of offcuts. There is no need for industrial fittings and the work can be carried out in a relatively small space.

Products are manufactured on demand so there is no stock nor any warehousing requirement and the company's London-only delivery policy mean that there is no need for any packaging either. The fruit bowl above is £15.

Unto This Last offer a simple range of tables, chairs, beds, storage and accessories but the variety of finishes, colours and size options available mean that items are customisable and potentially unique.

The table with benches is £205 and the connecting tealight holders are £2 each. The 'Greg' lamp below is £90.

Unto This Last seems like a brilliant way to acquire attractive, well designed pieces for your home without breaking the bank, although you must live in London and be prepared to bring your own meatballs.