Every May there’s a night time surfing event at Fistral Bay, Newquay in Cornwall. The two-day competition takes place under the fluorescent light of floodlights set out along the beach.

In 2015, London documentary photographer Liam Aylott captured the surfers as they prepared for the contest: ‘The build-up to the competition was great – many surfers and their families and friends would gather round to share fish and chips, and drinks. As the fog rolled in there was much talk as to whether the competition would happen or not – hourly updates were given and at points it did not look promising as you could not even see the water through the fog until you were a few meters away.

‘To the joy of the locals and tourists it went ahead, albeit in tough conditions. The locals really seem to rally around for these kinds of events and you could feel the anxiety when there was a possibility of it not happening due to the fog.’

Via Huck

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