As a child other kids would point at Alice Anderson’s red hair. As an artist her red hair has proved to be more of an inspiration than a taunt. She works with beautiful copper wire, wrapping or mummifying everyday objects creating their jewel-like appearance. Over 100 everyday objects, including a copper covered telephone, guitar and staircaseĀ can be seen at The Wellcome Collection from the 22 July until 18 October 2015. Visitors can help as well; they are invited to help wrap a Ford Mustang. 96c3d0c6-df33-4a33-a397-6bd60877caf3-2060x20018a4cb428-171e-4a32-8953-6bda2193859b-2060x1236alice-anderson-years-after-years-coexist-galleries-14 22_beddie_alice-slide-ADGW-jumbo LADDERS,2014tumblr_ns1njaSJLe1tgvhg1o1_1280