Where do you go if you want a pint with a nice view? The Ship Inn in the waterside village of Limekilns is worth considering for its views across the Forth of Firth. It may not have the dramatic proximity to the Forth Rail Bridge that the bars and restaurants in South Queensferry have but the village has attractive Scottish stone-built cottages plus the streets are less manic so it’s easier to park and leave the car. If you don’t manage to get a seat on one of the three benches then it’s definitely worth going inside for the lunch menu. Owner Ian Cruikshank, who has had the place for nearly 13 years, is also the chef. The seafood casserole is delicious, and the dessert menu has been given more attention than usual, with items including grilled pineapple in chilli with a mango coulis and homemade malibu & lime ice-cream. There’s a proper bar with locals popping in for a drink, and the traditional pub interior, complete with brasses and beer mats hanging from the ceiling, now has a new addition to the ship motif; back-lit portholes have been added a new slate-clad end wall.

Make sure you reserve a table though. It may look empty when you turn up unannounced so it comes as a surprise when you are told it’s fully booked. Maybe the owners pace the bookings so customers don’t have to wait for their food. Still, it’s some consolation that the normally cheerful Wendy Ireland, who manages the bar side, looks as upset as you are when she can’t give you a table.

Lunch is served from 12 noon till 2.30pm, no food in the evenings.  Tel: 01383 872247

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