What’s especially likeable about mid price Edinburgh eaterie The Dogs is that it hits the mark between considered style and a forced, concept driven look. It’s unpretentious and simple with just the right nod to the dog concept. There’s a blow up of a crazy looking hound behind the bar and a few quirky canine motifs scattered around but the interior is a long way from being themed. Mismatched wooden chairs and china, scrubbed tables and worn floorboards give rise to a comfortable, stripped back chic. The food is tasty and inexpensive with a pleasing, comfort food feel to some of the dishes – fidget pie and lardy cake anyone?  Good waiting staff and an accommodating maitre d’ add to the cheerful, laid back vibe.

The restaurant was opened three years ago by David Ramsden in response to the rise of the ‘gastropub’ in England and the growing interest in British food. The Dogs menu champions Scottish and British ingredients, with seafood in particular sourced from Fife and Caithness. The winelist is interesting and affordable.