Highly recommended this weekend is the inventive and brilliant Cemetery, an exhibition about Dunfermline artist Alan Grieve’s daily wanderings in a local graveyard: ‘the people I met and spoke to, the things I saw and where my curiosity took me’.

Like most Alan Grieve events, Cemetery is somewhere between a performance and an art-form, based on social interaction and trust and featuring stories and objects which help to create darkly funny, frequently scatalogical and often moving narratives.

On display will be Ghost Town, a series of traditional postcards of Dunfermline into which Grieve has boldly and skillfully intervened, a wall mural which guests can help colour in and Wee Willie Wood Chime, a carved phallic tribute to ‘little Willie Dick who died by a gunshot’. Also on show are many of Grieve’s superb, annotated drawings and the Bawbag Memorial, a gaudy floral structure made from detritus recovered from the ever more elaborately decorated graves.

Artist Kari Adams has also worked on the exhibition and her elegant commentary appears in the accompanying publication.

Cemetery is at 7.30pm this Saturday at Workspace in Headwell Avenue, Dunfermline. All work is for sale via honesty box and barter.