Angela Jackson, The Canmore, Dunfermline, Sunday 10 September

Fresh from her acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe, award-winning author Angela Jackson, who critics describe as ‘a tour de force’, ‘comic genius’, and ‘Alan Bennett in his female form’, will be performing The Darling Monologues at Dunfermline’s Outwith Festival. The Darling Monologues introduces you to three characters, Lily, Sadie and Ruby, who share their secrets of relationships, sex, birth, infidelity, and Russian Red Lipstick. wrote of the show:

‘You’re not likely to meet three much more different women in 50 minutes than Lily, Sadie and Ruby, but all are revealed in acute detail and vivid characterisation by Angela Jackson, until now better known as a writer than an actress. The main character of the Darling Monologues is male – Mark Darling. The clever part is the way his story is told through the women’s funny but unsentimental stories, all woven around him.’

Angela’s debut novel, The Emergence of Judy Taylor, was awarded Edinburgh International Book Festival’s First Book Award in 2013, and was selected as Waterstones Scottish Book of the Year.  Sunday 10 September 2.30pm, The Canmore. Tickets here. £5 plus booking fee