There’s something of the Paris bistro about Guy’s in Glasgow’s merchant city. The decor, with its white wood panelling, wall hung china plates and modern art may be eclectic but it’s a welcome change from the many interior-designed eateries in the city. It’s also an interesting lesson in how important the shape of the location is to a restaurant’s atmosphere; the ‘busy neighbourhood bistro’ feel is largely down to the spatial qualities of the long, narrow room.

Any comparisons to our Gallic chums ends with the decor. The French would have apoplexy over a menu that includes both sushi and mince & tatties but Guy Cowan deliberately chose a diverse selection and probably for good reason. Plain eaters and foodies alike can find something on this menu from the steak pie to the delicious venison teriyaki with orange.

Guy’s has been open for a few years now but the owner, dapper in his jacket and heavy framed glasses – he did location catering for the film industry for 20 years before opening the restaurant – still seems to be there most nights checking each table is happy with their meal.

Maybe that’s why the food is so consistently good, expensive but good.

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