See Dunfermline-born dance legend Moira Shearer sparkle in this newly restored version of Powell and Pressburger’s 1951 The Tales of Hoffman.

The Tales of Hoffmann, described as ‘one of Powell and Pressburger’s most experimental and audacious films, a riotous cinematic fantasy of Technicolor, music and dance’ has been beautifully restored in a project supervised by Martin Scorsese – a huge fan of Powell and Pressburger’s work – and his long term editor Thelma Schoonmaker who was also married to Michael Powell. The new version includes recently discovered sequences from Act 3 and the epilogue.

What’s going on in the trailer below is anyone’s guess – it is based on an Offenbach opera after all – but Shearer’s dancing is exquisite and she looks absolutely stunning as the Enchanted Dragonfly in a scene specially choreographed for her by Frederick Ashton.

You can buy a copy of the film here.