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Bottlehood: recycled glassware

Beyond the wonky candle stuck into an empty bottle of Mateus Rose, there's a lot you can do with glass. Bottlehood, based in Colorado, recycles glass from its neighbourhood to produce eco friendly tumblers, vases, necklaces, platters and bowls,  making the most of the colours, shapes and labels to create items which are really quite beautiful. The tumblers come in sets of 4 with prices starting at $20 per set.

Festivals for the weekend: Remade; West End; Culross

  Remade Home is a new show and marketplace for people with an interest in 'eco chic design and sustainable home style'. There's a laidback, vintage vibe and a chance to meet artists and local craftmakers who create treasure from trash. Exhibitors include Edinburgh based mid century specialists Bra Bohag, restylers Dear Old Blighty and Trash Furnishing, Mini Moderns from London, jeweller Tarnish and textile makers Alphabet and Clarabella Unique Textiles. The show