Couple, Jock Sharp and Fiona Frazer, who run a small holding near Crossgates selling fresh eggs and homemade bread, hosted their first pop up restaurant on Saturday 16 May. The Flamkuchen was the brilliant idea of Liane Cumming who has worked at Woodlea Stables since 2014. From Fife originally, Liane had spent two years living in Germany where she discovered a love of flammkuchen, the German version of pizza, which uses a creamy sauce instead of a tomato sauce. Jock, a joiner and furniture maker to trade, crafted the beautiful farm house table earlier in the week so that the 25 pop up guests had somewhere to sit.

(Pictured above, Diandian Wang, from Hong Kong who works with Jock & Fiona)

Hearth bread baked in huge open hearth fires is very popular in San Francisco and cities in North America. Jock’s next plan is to build one of the first hearth ovens in Scotland,  but with working 18 hour days finding time is tricky.

Fresh_Eggs_Crossgates_Fife Fresh-Eggs_Crossgates_Fife Home-made_bread_Dunfermline Real_Bread_Fife Woodlea_Stables_Eggs_and-Bread_FifePictured below, Diandian Wang from Hong Kong, who works at Woodlea StablesFresh_bread_fife

Fresh_Eggs-Dunfermline_FifeWoodlea Stables is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday although eggs can sell out by Sunday lunchtime if it’s really busy. You can find them at Woodlea Stables, Inverkeithing Road, Crossgates KY11 7ER. Telephone 07803 053005 or email If you’re coming from Dunfermline, take a right at the crossroads/traffic lights and follow that road for over mile out of Crossgates, Woodlea Stables is on your right.