Wine is the best present on Valentine’s Day…writes our guest wine correspondent, Paul Rudge from Reuben’s Wine Store

It’s getting close to that first ‘Occasion’ of the year, the one that men squirm and dither over, the one that women wait with baited breath for in the hope their loved one will remember. Yes Valentines Day will soon be upon us. Whether you’re a genuine romantic or merely find yourself caught in the crossfire of tacky cards, a dozen red roses and love heart balloons there is always a solution, Wine!

Cupid may only be an annoying baby with a bow and arrow but watch out because at this time of year his aim can be lethal. Guys, avoid the needless embarrassment of the lingerie aisles, the gormless expressions at perfume and jewelry counters, what your sweetheart would really appreciate is a fine bottle of bubbly preferably drunk in a bubbly bath.

We have a good selection of Fizz, Rose and Sweeties in the Wine Store but we thought we’d select one or two just to give you a flavour of what works this time of year. Palmer & Co  Rose Champagne is not one of those names that first hits you when you think of Champagne, however it one of the most highly regarded co-operatives in the region. Palmer & Co was founded in 1948 by seven growers located  in La cote des Blancs and Montagne de Reimins and to become a member of this co-operative you have to have first and grand cru vineyards. It’s beautiful salmon pink colour, fine mousse and sheer finesse are balanced with a subtle mix of red fruits and brioche. It really is a hidden gem.

Our Nua Rose NV is a frivolous fizz from Northern Italy. It’s a Prosecco in everything but name! Just because they put some of that most noble grape, Pinot Noir, in the blend which incidentally makes the wine much better, they can’t technically call it Prosecco. It’s a lovely light foamy, mouthful of strawberries and cream.

Passion has Red Lips just about says it all for Valentines! This is a lip smacker in every sense. It’s made by Some Young Punks in Australia, radical, renegade winemakers who squeeze every last drop of fruit from the Cabernet and Shiraz grapes, resulting in a wine with depth and intensity, the perfect gift for him. (pictured above)

All of our wines are available gift wrapped and we also have range of wooden gift boxes that make an excellent gift.

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