Beaujolais by Paul Rudge, Reubens Wine Store, Dunfermline, Fife

Geographically, Beaujolais is part of Burgundy, but from the wine point of view there seems little logic in the association between the Côte d`Or and the pretty, hilly, granite band of Beaujolais vineyards that run along the west bank of the Saone towards Lyon. With annual production sitting at 133 million bottles you’d think the region would be dominated by factory like producers however vineyard holdings are typically small, Even though a little white wine from the Chardonnay grape is produced, often labeled as Mâcon Blanc, Beaujolais is essentially red wine country, and its main grape is Gamay making up 99% of production. It`s not a highly rated grape in France, nor is it widely grown anywhere else in the world, but in Beaujolais it produces lovely light, juicy, gluggable wine. The character of the wine is derived as much by the way it is made than from the grape variety. The carbonic maceration process is the traditional Beaujolais method of fermentation. Instead of pressing the grapes, the freshly picked whole, uncrushed berries are fermented in a closed vat under a blanket of carbonic gas. The result is a wine with relatively low tannins but bags of fruit and colour. Familiar names such as Fleurie, Julienas and Brouilly among others are famous towns who each give their name to the Cru’s of Beaujolais, the great classic wines.

Remember Beaujolais Nouveau? In mid November the frantic race to have the first bottle of Nouveau on the tables of London’s Restaurants was once a big event in this country. It’s less of a spectacle here now but still very popular today in France. Beaujolais by its very nature has always been elegant, fun, smooth and innovative, never heavy or full bodied. We have chosen these two Beaujolais wines for you to try, either on their own or with chicken or pork.

Moulin Fevre Brouilly                     2014                                                                 £12.99

Produced from old Gamay vines, this wine oozes elegant juicy fruit flavours that linger on the palate to make this a lively and more-ish wine with a dry and silky finish. Pair with Chicken and Pork dishes.


Fleurie Vielles Vignes Domaine Lardy                             2013                                        £16.99

This exceptional Fleurie from winemaker Lucien Lardy is packed with juicy fruits of red cherries, raspberries and strawberry flavours, with hints of chocolate, light and silky-smooth on the palate. The finish is long and lingering.

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