The latest exhibition at Fire Station Creative is by consistently brilliant Dunfermline born artist Jonny Hannah  who has hand lettered, drawn, scribbled and recycled photos to illustrate a new book – The Story of the Skids – by Richard Jobson. The book will be a mix of comic book, fanzine and punk-rock penny dreadful or, as Jonny describes it, ‘informal, all over the place & hard to read (the text in full will be at the back of the book, for those with less of a sense of adventure).’  He adds, ‘I like to think I’ve drawn this book in a similar fashion to the way the Skids recorded their first single – don’t think too much…do!’

The exhibition opens on 5 August and entry is free.

Betrothed and Divine runs from 5-29 August at Fire Station Creative. Entry is free. (FSC is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)