Between 1968 and 1971 Nick Hedges photographed some of the dire housing conditions in Glasgow and Edinburgh for the charity, Shelter. Nearly 50 years later he has agreed that the photos can be used in an exhibition in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh.  Until now usage had been restricted to protect the families featured.

Nick remembered how one woman told him that just a few days before, she had been in bed with her husband and they had both woken up to loud noises. It was a wrecking ball, demolishing the tenement block. Her husband ran out screaming for the demolition to stop. The conditions were so bad the demolition men hadn’t thought that people could still be living there, and didn’t think to check.

The Make Life Worth Living collection will be shown in a free open air exhibition in Edinburgh’s St Andrew Square until the end of October.

Family-living-in-an-overcrowded-tenement-flat-Glasgow-1971-378-4a Father-and-child-in-a-Maryhill-tenement-1971-381-6 Father-and-children-Gorbals-tenement-1970 Mother-living-with-her-children-in-an-overcrowded-single-end-tenement-flat-Glasgow-1971-373-18 Mother-takes-her-baby-inside-her-condemned-tenement-block-Gorbals-1970 Mother-with-her-sleeping-child-living-in-a-single-end-tenement-flat-Glasgow-1971 School-girl-in-a-Glasgow-tenement-courtyard-1971 Sisters-sharing-a-chair-in-a-Gorbals-slum-tenement-1970 Teenage-girls-waiting-in-backyard-of-tenement-block-Maryhill-1971-386-2a Tenement-backs-Glasgow-1971-386-17a Tenement-backyard-Glasgow-1971-382-25a