Tilly's_Organic_Vegetarian_Cafe_Fife8The tiny village of Carnock in Fife is the unlikely home of a new vegetarian cafe.  Sharon Sutherland, a vegetarian for the past 30 years, and her partner, Steven Smith opened Tilly’s Organic Coffee House and vegetarian cafe on 6 September 2014.  Luckily for them, their son Robbie Sutherland (pictured above) is the chef and has worked at Pillars of Hercules in Falkland as well as The Adamson and Rocca in St Andrews.  Sharon, a complementary therapist and former nutritional adviser with Holland & Barrett says, ‘everything sold is organic and soon we’ll be sourcing organic wine and beer because Steven has applied for a licence  to open as a bistro in the evening at weekends. Before it all starts sounding a bit too healthy, the cakes and homebaking still pack a punch; outshining many of its dairy equivalents is the vegan chocolate cake, the fruit scones are baked fresh every day and locals are popping in just to buy the homemade bread.

Tilly’s Organic Coffee House, 10 Main Street, Carnock, Dunfermline, Fife

01383 306365

Closed Mondays, open 10am-4pm Tuesday to Saturday and 10am-2pm on Sunday

Tilly's_Organic_Vegetarian_Cafe_Fife4Tilly's_Organic_Coffee_House_Vegetarian_Cafe_Fife Tilly's_Organic_Coffee_House_Vegetarian_Cafe

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