A Festival of Architecture 2016 exhibition which has recently opened at Kirkcaldy Galleries, Fife, is curated by Bobby Niven of The Bothy Project. Shelters, explores themes of shelter, off-grid living and self-build construction through both Scottish and international examples – some of the international examples reference Lloyd Kahn’s Shelter Publications. The exhibition runs 5 March to 5 June.

Lloyd Kahn will be in Fife on Tuesday 10 May to give a talk in Kirkcaldy as part of the exhibition. Tickets can be booked here, £10 for full price tickets /tickets for students and school children are free.

During the countercultural revolution of the 1960s Lloyd Kahn quit his job as an insurance broker and began work as a carpenter, eventually building four houses. He had little building experience, but learned on the job and through the process of building his own house he discovered a community of self-build enthusiasts, full of energy, ideas and willingness to share skills.

In 1970 Kahn set up Shelter Publications to champion the self-build approach, and inspire and empower first-time housebuilders.

Shelter Publications was the forerunner of the current mainstream fascination with cabins and off-grid living. Through the years they have developed a cult following around the world and today they are inundated with contributions from readers sending in images and stories of their own self-build projects. These stories will be shared through the next publication, Small Homes, which is currently being edited by Lloyd Kahn and his team.

Lloyd Kahn, at the age of 80, continues to surf, paddleboard and skateboard from his home in Bolinas, a small town on the Pacific coast north of San Francisco, where he lives with his wife Lesley Creed, a gardener and quilter.

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