Isla Dewar on ‘Wimmen’ at The Canmore, Dunfermline, Sunday 10 September

The acclaimed fiction writer, Isla Dewar, author of: Women Talking Dirty, which was made into a feature film starring Helena Bonham Carter; Getting out of the House; and The Woman who painted her Dreams will be at The Canmore on Sunday 10 September at 1pm. “I’ll be chatting about the subject of impossible, bossy or just difficult but also admirable women. Wimmen. Do we secretly long to be a bit over the top in our demands? Do pushy people always win and are they happier than less demanding souls?”, explained Isla. The author will cover the strong female characters in her novels such as Magda in Keeping up with Magda.

Sunday 10 September, 1pm, The Canmore.  Tickets here. £5 plus booking fee