Writing and Film

Celia Birtwell: Telling her own story

After forty years of being represented by men; favourably by good friend David Hockney in Mrs and Mrs Clark and Percy (above), and later, less flatteringly in ex-husband, Ossie Clark’s diaries, designer Celia Birtwell is publishing her own story. She chose style writer, Dominic Lutyens to help write about her life and work. In a refreshing contrast to the current trend in autobiographies she has avoided sensational revelations and has

Design Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney

When, seven years ago, Grace Bonney  fired up her computer to start tapping out thoughts about her passion for design, the mighty, opinion-forming blog did not exist and people still sought their ideas and inspiration from print media and television. Soon however Bonney, a southern belle of exquisite sensibilities sharpened by a little New York grit, had attracted – Pied Piper like – an avid following eager to take part

Beautiful, literary postcards in a digital age

Postcard above: Image by photographer, Mickey Smith and text by writer, John Lamb. Abe's Penny is a micro-magazine which combines the brevity of the digital age with the charm of the 19th century. Two hundred years ago novels were mailed to readers in instalments. Abe's Penny, an art and literary journal on a postcard is mailed to readers four times a month. Each month's issue is a collaboration between writer

They Draw and Travel

They Draw and Travel is a clever website created by Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell curating maps designed by artists from around the world.  The term map is used loosely in this instance; your sat nav wont be giving up its day job any time soon.  Indeed, if you followed the map of Europe (above) you would be looking for the Loch Ness Monster in Norfolk, rather than Scotland. Instead

‘Some problems of a woman’s life’ Rose Macaulay (1923)

‘A tradition has now for long been established that cooking and cleaning are woman’s work. As these occupations are among the most tiresome which humanity has to endure, this tradition is very unfortunate for women. But there it is; and the problem is how to get what is needful done as rapidly as possible, so that one can go and do something else, more lucrative, interesting, or amusing. The general

Catalog Living

Catalog Living, ‘a glimpse into the exciting world of the people living in your catalogs’, is one of the funniest sites around. Ridiculously over styled, high concept roomsets from American interiors catalogs are brilliantly captioned by Molly Erdman to bring us the domestic highs and lows of Gary and Elaine, 1234 Fake Street, Anytown USA.  Apparently a book is in the offing – looking forward to it from this moment.

The benefit of the La Redoute

Ooh la la – the new La Redoute catalogue est ici! Better known for a fashion range which represents reasonable value with a soupcon of French flair, La Redoute is actually more useful as a homewares source. They do good, simple curtains and tablecloths in cottons and linens in highly usable colours like grey, aubergine and taupe. Their towels and bedlinen are excellent quality and reasonably priced. They usually do