Cote Bistro is the latest chain opening a restaurant in Glasgow; the first Scottish branch will open summer 2015. For some time now Londoners have found the restaurants a recognisable brand amongst the city’s overwhelming choice of places to eat; consistent French food and the pre-theatre two course menu for £11.90 have proved popular. Locating in the West Nile/Buchanan Street area, Cote follows two other chains, Bill’s and Las Iguanas. With its 50s Latin American inspired decor Las Iguanas wouldn’t look out of place in South Beach, Miami – the decor, cocktails and atmosphere, rather than the food – seem to pull in the crowds. Their first branch opened in Bristol in 1991.

Next door in West Nile Street is Bill’s Restaurant, named after former greengrocer and founder Bill Collison, who launched the first branch in East Sussex 15 years ago. Starting with breakfast from 8am the restaurant serves all day, closing at 11pm. Original brickwork, wood panelling and candelabras set the scene at Bill’s.

You might not be a fan of chains, but all three seem popular. Edinburgh seems to have a higher quota of French restaurants then most cities, but generally Gallic food is a bit thin on the ground these days, so Cote should be a welcome addition to the Glasgow restaurant scene.


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