The period features police assume that older houses with their high ceilings, original fireplaces and sash & case windows are the only way to create good interior design.  Yet many of us live in new houses in modern estates. We enjoy the easy functionality that experienced developers bring to our lives. And, while there may be no cornicing or ceiling roses that doesn’t mean the design has to be minimal; the clean lines of a modern house can actually leave more scope for your own ideas. Lara Cairney, director of Signature Interiors has been designing interiors for Fife developer Campion Homes. The company has developments close to its head office in Dunfermline, in Leven (featured below) and near Cupar. Below, she shares some tips on decorating a modern interior.

Fill it up: The temptation with modern spaces can be to keep things minimal and simplistic, to reflect their clean lines and lack of ornamentation. But new builds lend themselves to maximalist design – they can look incredible when filled with bold and beautiful features. Don’t be afraid to experiment – try out some accent side tables and pair with statement floor lamps. Tall furnishings draw the eye upward, creating an impression of length and space.

Section it: Modern houses tend to follow an open plan design, which adds space and light – because of this, there’s a misconception that only older homes can be cosy. However, the warm and secure feeling of older homes can be achieved in modern spaces too. Section your modern home to give each space its own comfortable function – try a kitchen island with seating for a sociable feel, a separate dining space for family meals and additional seating areas for relaxation.

Add pattern and texture: People tend to shy away from using bold patterns and textures, particularly in older houses, where the concern is that they will over-embellish their already ornate living spaces. But modern homes cry out for texture and pattern which gives them character and charm. Don’t be afraid to clash prints or bring in features from different eras to create bespoke spaces that reflect your style and taste.