Vintage tea and coffee sets always look beautiful but they sit neglected in cupboards for years on end taking up space because the cups are too small for modern builders tea. Vintage glassware on the other hand gets used all too frequently. At the Edinburgh Antiques & Collectors Fair, the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston there’s a great selections of glassware that is often no more expensive than a box of 6 new glasses. Recent purchases in the Avocado Sweet office include 6 differently coloured champagne glasses for £18.

If you like vintage jewellery then there’s a huge range, as well as clothes and handbags stalls. Some great 1950s handbags are for sale if you manage to snap them up before the dealers do, and there was even one stall that sold vintage kitchenalia. There are some distinctly odd stalls, or at least they seem odd to the non-collector, such as ivory topped walking sticks, but the clue is in the title, ‘Antique & Collectors Fair’. The Fair comes to Edinburgh around once a quarter and the next one is on Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th of September. Entry is £4 per person unless you take the early entry on Saturday; before 10am the price is £6. Not all the stalls can take switch so make sure you have cash with you.

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