‘Between 92 and 96 degrees is the perfect water temperature to make coffee’ – so says barista-trained Derek Rankin who opened Rankin’s cafe/deli in his home village, North Queensferry, Fife.

The barista classes were run by his coffee supplier, Mathew Algie, one of the few companies to have a coffee roasting plant in Scotland. Barista classes are open to the general public/ non-customers of Mathew Algie at a cost of £125. Derek’s own love of coffee extends to the decor of Rankin’s – a collection of antique coffee grinders is displayed above the fireplace.


Another major part of the decor – inside and out – is the Forth Rail Bridge. Outside the sheer proximity of the Forth Rail Bridge is striking and inside there are two huge murals of the iconic landmark.

Sicily, Tuscany and Fife – not food locations you usually see in the same sentence – is where the deli produce is from. ‘Your Piece’ oatcakes are made in Fife, the cafe serves Puddledub sausages and Derek is planning to use Puddledub’s buffalo for steak baguettes with caramelised onions and horseradish.

Rankin’s Cafe & Deli is open from 9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday and serves breakfast as well as lunch and snacks.

Rankin's_Cafe_Deli7_North_Queensferry_Fife Rankins_Cafe_Deli_North_Queensferry_Fife Rankins_Cafe_Deli7_North_Queensferry_Fife

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